LAX 600 G 

This rechargeable cross-line laser projects 3 x 360° lines, razor-sharp up to 40m. The lasers are IP 65 waterproof and dustproof certified.

FLS 90

The patented floor line laser ensures optimum visibility of the laser lines – razor-sharp up to 15 m.

LAX 50

This cross line laser is clearly visible up to distances of 10 m and is equipped with a self-levelling laser module and a single-button system. 

LAX 50 G

Green cross line laser with exceptionally bright green line lasers easily visible up to distances of 30 m.

LAX 300

Cross-line laser has a horizontal line, vertical line and plumb-line dots upwards and downwards with a quick self-levelling function – visible up to 20 m.

LAX 400

Self-levelling multi-line laser features full 360° horizontal line for transferring heights, two vertical lines at a 90° angle to one another and a plumb line upwards and downwards – visible up to 20m.


The point laser features 5-bright GREENBEAM lasers to quickly transfer layout points up to 18m and set right angles, even in brightly lit conditions.

Our IP certified products may require battery removal to meet criteria.

Rotation Lasers


All the rotary lasers we stock share these standard features:

- Fully automatic, motor-driven rotating laser for horizontal applications.
- Four laser functions for versatile use – horizontal and vertical rotation, plumb-line function and right angle (90°) in vertical operation.
- High levelling accuracy of ± 0.1 mm/m
- Protection class IP 65 – dustproof and waterproof.

LAR 350

Rotation laser with a range of 800m which self levels within 10 seconds and offers innovative MOTION CONTROL which detects hand movements through a receiver to adjust the laser.

LAR 300

Rotation laser with a range of 800m and self levels within 10 seconds.

LAR 160

Rotation laser with a range of 600m and self levels within 20 seconds.

The maximum diameter/range for rotating lasers are detected through a receiver.

Laser Distance Measures

LD 220

Max. Range: 30m

LD 250BT

Max. Range: 50m

LD 320

Max. Range: 60m

LD 420

Max. Range: 80m

LD 520

Max. Range: 200m