Camel Abrasives

Al Naesar Trading Co. LLC is the sole dealer & distributor of Camel brand of Cutting and Grinding Discs manufactured in Slovenia by Weiler (previously Swaty Comet).

Our abrasives cover a wide range of uses on materials such as steel rods, pipes, beams, tubes and other building materials which are required in construction, fabrication and building projects.

The discs are manufactured under stringent quality measures with the highest level of product safety in accordance with EN 12413 standards. The product is designed for optimum performance by delivering a clean and accurate cut and self-sharpening zirconia alumina grains maintain a high cut rate throughout the life of the wheel.

Cutting and Grinding Discs

Mild Steel:
 Universal High Performance Cutting and Grinding Disc for all metal working. 

Stainless Steel: Special Grinding Disc designed free from Iron, Chlorine and Sulfur.